What does this software do?

This software solves a variety of quantitative analysis problems common to the Management Science and Operations Research disciplines. Specifically, the problems that can be solved include linear programming, integer programming, various dynamic programming, various inventory and production, various networks, queuing, CPM/PERT, assignment, various forecasting, simulation, decision analysis, and transportation models.

How does it work?

The software runs as a client-server application. The problem solution engine is the server, and your browser is the client. You use your browser to create, edit, and optionally store problems; and to view and print the output. The server accepts input from your browser, generates solutions to problems, and sends the output to your browser.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Since you access the software through your browser you don't have to install any software on your machine, nor do you need any extraordinary machine resources such as additional memory or additional hard drive space. You can use any browser that supports JavaScript (generally version 4.0 or above in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator), but we recommend that you use Netscape 6.x or MSIE 5.x. (In Microsoft Internet Explorer, this means that Active Scripting must be enabled for the QuantMethods site in the Security section of Internet Options.) The software should perform equally well on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, or UNIX variants.

How much does it cost?

The software is free to use.

Is there a solutions manual or workbook available?

Yes. There is a Solutions Manual and Workbook.

For more information, see About the book.

How do I get output for turning in assignments?

You may use the print function of your browser to create a hardcopy.

What if I have problems running the software?

There are extensive help pages to assist you in running the software, problem formulation, and, to some extent, interpreting the output.

What do I do if the software generates errors?

The software has been extensively tested; however, given the wide variety of problem types and the infinite variety of individual problems, it is impossible for us to test every combination. Should the software generate an error or an erroneous result, please send e-mail with as much supporting information as possible (minimally the error message and problem), to QuantMethods Support.

How do I contact QuantMethods if I have questions?

Technical inquiries and problem reports may be sent to QuantMethods Support.


How can I adjust the size of displayed text?

Select the appropriate entry from the browser's menus. In Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, use the Zoom entry. In Apple Safari, Zoom In and Zoom Out entries available on the View menu. Other browsers provide similar capability.

How can I print pages containing content that is too wide to print on a single page?

Try the following steps in order until you are able to produce acceptable results:

  1. Select the option to print output in landscape orientation.
  2. Select the appropriate entry from the browser's View menu to reduce text size before printing.
  3. Select the contents of the page, copy the contents, and then paste the contents into another application that will enable you to print the contents either by automatically splitting the contents horizontally across as many printed pages as required as spreadsheet applications do or use the application to manually split the content across pages before printing.